Extract names

Please delete non-name text from candidate name rows, and add additional name rows and text if needed. Leave names in the exact format of the inscription.

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Rendered Inscription Names (individual) (editable)
J. Leslie D. Coulter G. Macpherson A. Metcalfe J. Macpherson T. Gardiner C. Hoskin R. Tracey R. Buckingham G. Buckingham C. Metcalfe L. Fisher Daphne Coulter W. Spanhake N. Metcalfe F. Parker L. Wallace K. Christensen W. Stevens P. Macpherson J. Tracey C. Foster F. May G. Hoskin K. Metcalfe H. Buckingham P. Gardiner N. Osborne N. Leonard A. Buckingham
J. Leslie, D. Coulter