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Rendered Inscription Names (individual) (editable)
The GREAT WAR 1914 1919 To the Glory of God, and in Honour of Those Who fought, and those, Who Fighting Fell. Those Died as few Men get the Chance to Die J.Adams K.Bego A.Boreham J.Brook R.A.Beattie C.C.Beattie P.W.Bourke J.Barrington R.E.Baxter H.Bridge H.Claasen E.Classen J.P.Coster J.P.Costello R.G.Donolly O.W.Drewett O.Downes A.Downes A.DeAndred W.Driffel C.Ensor S.Edwards F.Enwright F.Eyes W.Faithfull C.Faithfull T.F.Flood W.A.Ford J.Fatt S.Groves B.Halliwell J.Harding W.Harding H.Hodoson R.Hayes J.Iraia J.Joyce G.Keymer J.Kjoller K.Kendall F.Lees J.Lees J.Leef G.Leef H.A.Lane S.Mansbridge H.Matiu J.Martin D.L.Nolan F.Nash R.A.Norton F.Newon J.C.Nevitt M.Phillips Ed.Phillips E.M.Phillips H.Page J.Passel G.M.Powell E.H.Perry A.Ridges W.Rataea T.Stancliffe W.Smith E.E.Tafford P.Tucker J.Tarbutt J.Vaughen G.Wright R.W.Williams A.E.Williams W.Williams J.Williams F.Williams W.H.Warner P.T.Whata A.Ward J.Wier K.Waru W.waru Erected by THE RESIDENTS of Hokianga
J.Adams, K.Bego, A.Boreham, J.Brook, R.A.Beattie, C.C.Beattie, P.W.Bourke, J.Barrington, R.E.Baxter, H.Bridge, H.Claasen, E.Classen, J.P.Coster, J.P.Costello, R.G.Donolly, O.W.Drewett, O.Downes, A.Downes, A.DeAndred, W.Driffel, C.Ensor, S.Edwards, F.Enwright, F.Eyes, W.Faithfull, C.Faithfull, T.F.Flood, W.A.Ford, J.Fatt